Birth Star Nakshatra Vedic trees
₹ 2500.00

Birth Star Nakshatra Vedic trees


'Grow Birth Star trees' and bring good fortune to you and the entire earth @Nakshatra Vana Trees. call anytime WhatsApp 9847237678 or sms 7306193184 for more details.

Birth star tree or Nakshatra plants, bring good luck..not only to you but to entire village, birds, animals and to our Mother Earth....

The full set of 27 plants listed below are easy to grow in your village, schools, colleges, road sides and open parks.

Most of the Nakshatra Vana are good trees and are known for its oxygen producing ability and purify air as well...all belong to medicinal plants category...

"Plant your own Star Trees
Within your reach and vicinity,
Nurture her with affection and love
She will bless you with
health, wealth, happiness and prosperity"

***Trees can survive without man, but man cannot survive without trees.

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